6 Easy To Do Core Exercises You Should Do Every Day

Most people have heard of doing core exercises. However, they may not know what these are or what they can help you accomplish. These exercises pertains to the central part of your body, specifically the abdominal region where your stomach muscles are. These exercises will also work your back muscles, and when done properly, both sets of muscles will be exercised simultaneously. This can be accomplished with free weights, machine weights, or even more basic exercises. The key is to do them slowly and properly. Here are six easy to do core exercises that you should be doing every day.

Do The Plank

This is perhaps the most well-known core exercise ever created. It is also one of the more difficult exercises that anyone can do. It is the one that people will turn to, above all of the others, because of how effective it is at work in your core muscles. By lying down, and pushing yourself up on your elbows, you will then extend your feet and lift up on your toes. By maintaining this board like position for as long as you can, you will exercise your stomach muscles, back muscles, and your glutes.

Reverse Crunch Exercises

When you do the abdominal crunch exercise, you are lifting your shoulders off the ground, and trying to go as high as you can toward your knees. A reverse crunch exercise requires you to extend your knees until they are straight, and hold your feet above the ground as long as you can. You will then repeat this exercise multiple times, always bringing your knees as close to your face as possible. Once you are done with that, you will want to get up on your knees and hands to do what is called the bird-dog crunch.

The Bird-Dog Crunch

This exercises very easy to do and can also be in association with weights that will be on one side or the other. Essentially, you will have your left knee down, and your right leg extended outward, along with your right hand down and your left hand extended. By maintaining these extended positions, you will work your core muscles very effectively.

The Bicycle Crunch

This is an abdominal exercises that you should do from a partial sitting position. Although you could do it on your back, it’s not going to work your core muscles as effectively. You will then move from side to side, touching your knees and elbows together, all the while extending the other leg as far out as you can. You will repeat this exercise a minimum of 20 times, something that will help work your core very effectively.

The Good Bridge

This is an exercise that requires you to lie down. Your feet will be planted squarely on the floor. Your hands will be extended as far as you can toward your feet. Your head will be resting on the ground as well. During this exercise you will lift your buttocks as high in the air as you can, hold that position, and then come back down. This will effectively work your back, stomach, and your glutes simultaneously which is why many people practice this exercise.

Panther Shoulder Tap

This exercise is perhaps the easiest one to do. You are going to be in a crawling position. You will then tap your opposite shoulder with your fingers, and at the same time, lift the opposing leg up off the ground. By doing this several times, you will have the ability to gradually work your stomach muscles and is a great beginner exercise if you are just starting out.

By using one or all of the six core exercises, you will start to see a noticeable change in the strength of your core. It will become easier to sit up off the ground, using only your stomach muscles, plus your back and glutes will also be much stronger. It is recommended that you do these every other day, and subsequently, every day if possible. By using these core exercises, you can quickly get back into shape, all the while strengthening your back, hip flexors, glutes, and your abdominal muscles.

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