Hair conditioner with coffee grounds for strong and full hair.

“Doping for the hair!” With this slogan a well-known shampoo brand has been advertising for many years. The secret of the advertised miracle cure: it contains caffeine. Indeed, several studies have proven that caffeine strengthens the hair roots and stimulates hair growth.

But wait a minute: There was something else that contains caffeine? Correct! And coffee also makes the expensive product from the drugstore department abundantly superfluous.

But you shouldn’t pour your freshly brewed hot morning drink over your head. For your personal hair treatment you should rather use the leftover coffee grounds.

And this is how the coffee grounds rinse works: massage a handful of coffee grounds into your damp hair and onto the scalp. Let the caffeine work for 10 minutes and let it penetrate to the roots of your hair. Now take the shower spray and rinse out the crumb powder. Already after a few applications, an effect should be noticeable: The hair feels powerful and smooth, it shines brightly. Split ends occur much less frequently, which is why you can let your hair grow long with peace of mind.

Whether or not caffeine conditioner also helps against hair loss has been controversial so far. Here, hair root strengthening and genetic predisposition as well as other influences are opposed to each other.

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coffee cup

Since coffee, however, is coloring, blond people should not be surprised if their mane gets darker in the meantime.

The old saying that cold coffee makes beautiful is therefore completely true. Further household remedies for full hair, you will find in this article. So you can shake your mane vigorously again!

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